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Hyrdraulic Press Machine In the manufacturer from China

Hyrdraulic Press Machine In the manufacturer from China


There are many kinds of Hydraulic Presses. Common single-column hydraulic presses, four-column hydraulic presses, and frame-type hydraulic presses are used. Each type of hydraulic press has its own characteristics and has different uses. In order to have a better understanding of hydraulic presses, today's hydraulic press manufacturers The difference between the single-column hydraulic press and the four-column hydraulic press makes simple analysis. Hydraulic press manufacturers pointed out that in the case of single-column hydraulic presses, the single-column hydraulic press adopts an upright single-arrangement arrangement, and its components are all installed in the fuselage, with neat and beautiful appearance, and are mainly used for the correction of shafts and sets of parts. Press-fitting, of course, can also be used for other similar process uses. The single-column hydraulic press can be used to operate the handle or pedal. The pressure of the machine can be adjusted within the specified range. The stroke size can be controlled and the operation is relatively simple. The four-column hydraulic press has an independent power mechanism and electrical system. The well is controlled centrally by buttons, which can realize single-acting and semi-automatic cycling. The working pressure and pressing speed of the machine can be adjusted according to needs and can be completed under the constant pressure. And set the formation of two kinds of process methods, after pressure has a pressure delay and automatic return action. Compared to single-column hydraulic presses, the four-column hydraulic press has a wide range of process applications and is suitable for metal stamping, bending, flanging or shallow stretch forming and extrusion processes. Of course, it is also applicable to the press forming process and non-metallic materials of metal powder products. For example, plastics, FRP, and some insulating materials, such as press forming, can of course be applied to processes such as correction and press-fitting. Hydraulic machine manufacturers concluded that both have their own characteristics, apply to different situations, are popular products in the hydraulic press industry.
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